Mysteries of Still Life

Workbook for the Serious Art Student

by E.J.Gold

Price: $24.95

8.5" x 11" format, 115 pp., paperbound.

"I've been teaching Still Life classes for the past 40 years. Still Life captures the essentials of what a serious art student needs to know for every discipline.

"When I attended the legendary Otis Art Institute some 40 years ago, I had the good fortunes of learning painting from the equally legendary "Uncle" Bentley Schaad.

"Recently, when I began scrapbooking my Otis experience, I stumbled across my class notes from "Uncle Bentley's" class and it sparked and inspired this present volume, very expanded for the 21st century artist.

"Mysteries of Still Life was created for my 155 students, who I know will appreciate this recap and expansion of the teachings of Robert Bentley Schaad - teacher, mentor and friend." - E.J. Gold