Draw Good Now

Workbook for the Serious Art Student

by E.J.Gold

Price: $24.95

8.5" x 11" format, spiral bound, 80 pages, plus front matter.

This book was developed for the serious art student and is a requirement for those attending the E.J. Gold Art Academy Drawing Classes. The pages are meant to be copied as often as you need to - to practice gray-scale, shading or solitaire on your way to being able to express 3 dimensions on a 2 dimensional surface, to make the viewer believe that what he is looking at is mass, not lines. It is truly amazing when you begin to master the techniques, when you have your "aha" and begin to see and are able to draw masses where before there were only lines. This book contains the "Dreaded #11" - as one of the shading exercises is affectionately called by the students. You will hear it mentioned a lot in the instruction DVDs available.