Adobe Houses on a Hill Above a Pond, Malaga, Spain

Adobe Houses at Malaga is an example of the use of contrasts between highly graphite-exploited shadow areas and the white of the paper, the natural highlights, to create a number of points of interest in a very small picture area. Note the extreme development of the lateral strips of rocky, sandy soil on the right, and the tumble of roughly-hewn logs toward the left; also please note that at NO time do I EVER use an eraser. Note also the under-eave shadow treatment and slanted lines to give the impression of wooden beams under the clay tile roof.

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Adobe Houses on a Hill Above a Pond, Malaga, Spain

by E.J. Gold

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GRAPHITE LITHOGRAPHIC STYLE MINIATURE LANDSCAPES ó $25 each. Yes, that is the wholesale price, no discount for quantity, because thereís a lot of cost behind each print, and we donít control the printing costs, the printers do. The originals were created in graphite on Heavyweight 300 gram Arches Rives BFK etching paper, and were massaged into prints by Marvette, who matched the prints with the originals. In a frame, you canít tell the difference between the print and the original. My original graphite works are no longer for sale, prints only.