How to Start Sculpting

with E.J. Gold

E.J. Gold's list of sculpture supplies from his 2/28/09 workshop:

  • 1. THE SCULPTURE TOOL. This is the Sculpture House 403A sculpture tool. That is the ONLY sculpture tool you will ever need. If you cannot get one to start with, you may use any tool you like -- you can get tools at any ceramic supply store or craft store, or use a tongue depressor or ice cream stick for the time being.
  • 2. ROMA PLASTILINA GREY-GREEN #2. You will typically want at least 8- 12 bricks of this. They weigh 2 pounds apiece. If you work in a group, you can order this by the case and save in shipping somewhat, but they are on the heavy side. Your Roma Plastilina will last a lifetime. Ordinary clay will not. If you must "make do", then use ordinary pottery clay, the stuff they call "CHANGE-OVER" which is a mixture of clays when they change clay in the mixing machine. It should be cheap. The downside is that it dries out. How to keep it moist will be discussed in the workshop class for online attendees.
  • 3. HOMEMADE ARMATURE. For details on how to construct this out of ordinary household materials, see the above YouTube video.

E.J. Gold demonstrates how to make your own armature for sculpting in this free YouTube video.

Sť Duggan shares his experience taking the E.J. Gold Sculpture workshop online in this free YouTube video.